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Before or After

August 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Why live with Before when you can have After?


A Custom Frame is what completes a room decor.  When you get your frames through Warren Picture Place, we can help you pick a frame that will match the decor of your room.  Don't settle for a cookie cutter frame from a box store when you, and your room, deserves so much more!  When you custom frame, your room will be unique, interesting, and complete.  

Never settle for Bland.

Call Us Today to get started.

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Real Professionals Know Quality

December 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

When you are a small business person, your clients become your friends, and some become family.

A "quickie" artist or a "shoot and burn" photographer cares about volume and speed over quality – Picture Place cares about getting to know our subjects as people - not just customers - and We care enough about the Profession We love enough to make sure that We keep learning, keep completely on the high end of artistic Quality, and expand Our creativity each and every day.

Support your REAL Professionals - we are more than OWNERS of cameras and paint brushes. We know how to use them.

We know Quality.

Cover Girl Kelsey

December 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Check out the Music Slideshow of Picture Place's Lil Cover Girl.... Miss Kelsey!  She is such a riot to work with!  She makes every session a blast!  Enjoy the show!  

Van Gogh Painted in "M" Mode

November 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

You hear it all the time from the uneducated in the photography world... "P" is for Professional.  Sorry to bust your bubble, but "P" stands for "Program Mode".  If you had read your camera's manual you would have known that.  Instead more and more people lately want to buy a camera, set it to "P" mode, "spray & pray" that they get a good shot, and call themselves a "Professional Photographer".  Most Professional Photographers shoot in either Semi-Manual (A, S, AV, or Tv) to Full Manual (M) Modes, not "P" Mode.

Some people like to rebuttal this with the comment of "Did anyone ask what brushes Van Gogh used or just marvel at the end results?"  The "End Results" are not famous due to the brushes Van Gogh used, but due to the unrestricted flow of his imagination and his skill and knowledge at being able to put what he saw in his mind onto canvas.  Van Gogh painted in "M" mode.  The same goes for Photography.  Shooting in "P" mode limits you to the creativity that you can achieve.  Sure you can make a picture using "P" mode, but you are creating an image that the CAMERA has computed. All that is, is a "paint-by-numbers" type of image.  By shooting in "M" mode, you have FULL CREATIVITY access to achieve the image you wish to create.  Full creative ability will help you create your own type of "Van Gogh Masterpiece", instead of a "Paint-By-Numbers Camera Computed Image".

Now I'm not saying shooting in "P" mode is a bad thing.  If you are just starting out learning the Photography Craft, then fire away!  But don't stay in "P" mode.  Learn your camera, expand your knowledge, work your way up to "M" mode, learn how to light properly and create your masterpieces.  "M" mode is where the "Magic" starts.  "M" mode is where you become a "Master Professional Photographer".

Those of us who have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into our craft get a little upset when someone buys a camera, turns to "P" Mode, and calls themselves a Professional Photographer, willing to be hired for pennies and gives away the images on a disc. You are essentially devaluing the Photography Craft by doing this kind of thing.  Think of it kind of like an illegal immigrant coming into America, offering your employer that they will do your job for a fraction of what you are paid.  They have no clue on how to do said job, just that they are willing to accept less pay.  Now how would you feel if you lost your job because of this?  This type of scenario is what happens to Professional Photographers every day by Amateurs and Hobbyists in the Photography Industry.  I'm not saying NOT to pursue your passion in Photography, just to NOT claim the title or to contract yourself out as a Professional when you are really a Hobbyist.

Education is Vital in ANY industry.  Not educating yourself in photography and accepting jobs as a "Professional Photographer" or even just as a "Photographer" simply because you have a nice Camera is like hiring a Plumber solely because they have a nice Pipe Wrench or hiring a Carpenter because they have a nice Hammer.  

Van Gogh painted in "M" mode and so can you by being true to the industry, educating yourself, and educating others.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer

November 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

                      For so many people these days the choice of whether or not to hire a photographer comes down to the price.  You are actually doing yourself a great injustice if you chose only by this criteria.  Choosing a photographer should be evaluated for their photos that they produce and customer service that they provide.  Also, a professional photographer is NOT your boyfriend/girlfriend/aunt/uncle/friend/cousin/mom and or dad with a nice camera and a hobby.   Another fact to consider when choosing a photographer is that a photographer’s time and experience is valuable.  You probably won’t ask a professional photographer to simply “take a few pictures.”  It really doesn’t work that way.  Even if all you need is one shot, it will take time to find the best angle, prepare the lighting, as well as finding the correct outfit that will get you the image you are seeking.  A professional photographer can give you advice on what to wear, make-up, and so on.  They have done this before and can guide you as needed.  This is why professional photos look professional and the photos you took using your “professional” camera with your closet, computer desk, wall, bed, and carpet in the background of a poorly lit photo will not look all that great.

                Next keep in mind that a professional photographer’s photography equipment costs a lot more than your “professional” camera.  A high quality camera, specialized lenses, memory cards, digital software, tripods, umbrellas, lighting equipment, as well as colorful backgrounds are all professional grade and are quite expensive.  You will also benefit from the latest professional technology being used in the photographs, and USED PROPERLY at that.

                Remember to factor in the time it takes to produce your one headshot.  It is not mere point-shoot-print. It involves setting up the equipment in advance, blocking off time for the photo shoot itself, uploading the photos and going through them after the shoot, digital touch-ups to the photos chosen for printing, getting the prints to and from the lab, as well as waiting for you to pick them up when complete or mailing them out to you.  You may have a lot of time on your hands but you should always be aware that photographers are busy running a business and I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the professional photographer does a lot of work for the small fee asked for the services.  This brings me to the next point of individuals that don’t even show up for the shoot and are too inconsiderate to call and let the photographer know that they cannot make it.  The professional photographer does not get paid for the time wasted in a case such as this unless they require a booking fee, but still it took time to set up the shoot and there is a possibility that they turned someone else down for a shoot for the same time period because it was pre-booked.

Photographers create Portraits for a living and you must understand this factor as well when making inquiries about pricing and whom to hire.  When it comes to cost, can you really put a price on lifelong memories?  Whether it’s to update your portfolio, create a portfolio, family photos, weddings, or special events.  Your memories are priceless moments and spending the necessary money, even if in the thousands of dollars, will ensure that the value of those memories are properly preserved and cherished for a lifetime.  The value of those images will be much more since you will get more benefit out of the photos than the paper the photos were printed on will cost.

Purchasing photography services based on value and quality rather than price is the only smart way to go.  

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